Can I list a mobile app on HMH Marketplace?

Yes, companies can offer mobile apps on HMH Marketplace as listings.

Listings for mobile apps will redirect the customer to the App Store or Google Play to complete the transaction and download the app to their mobile device. 

To list mobile apps, you must follow these guidelines when creating the listing:

  • Since the transaction happens outside of HMH Marketplace, in the app store, enter a price of $0.00 when creating your listing.  This is true even if your app is not free, and prevents the customer from getting charged twice. 
  • If your app costs money in the app store, clearly state the cost of your app in the Teaser or Description. 
  • Select "My product is an application" when creating the listing.
  • The URL should be an Apple iTunes or Google Play URL. 

Listings for mobile apps that do not meet these requirements will be returned for corrections. 


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