How can I get support for an application I've purchased?

In addition to downloadable resources, educators are able to find new technology from a variety of Ed Tech companies on HMH Marketplace (beta). 

When to Contact HMH Marketplace:

If your question is related to purchasing on HMH Marketplace through the Stripe payment system or accessing the product, we are happy to help. 

When to Contact the Technology Provider Directly:

If your question is related to the features and functionalities of the application you purchased, we encourage you to contact the Ed Tech providers directly.  We're happy to list these resources, but each Ed Tech company is responsible for the customer support and services for the products they list. 

When you have the option to "Log In with HMH":

Some applications you'll find have chosen to offer integration with the HMH accounts you might use to access Think Central or My HRW.  After purchasing these applications, you'll be launched to their external web sites.  On these pages, you may be asked or offered the option to "Log In with HMH."  

If you see a "Log In with HMH" option - use the username and password you use to access HMH's educational platforms (Think Central / My HRW) within your district. 

For more details, search for "Log In with HMH" or visit the Technical FAQs.



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