What is a zip file and how do I open it?

What is a .zip file?

Some providers will combine multiple files into 1 compressed folder, called a ZIP file.

You can recognize zip files by the file extension, .zip, on the end of the file name. When downloaded to your computer, they also usually look like a zipped-up file folder! 

Sellers use these zip files because they make it easy to share multiple files at once, in a way that takes up less space than uncompressed or unzipped files. 

How do I open a .zip file?

How to open a zip file depends on the type of computer or device you are using.  PCs and Macs open zip files in different ways.  

iPhones and tablets require an additional app - Search for "zip file" in the App store to find one that meets your needs.  Most are available for free. 

On Mac OS X:

Click the Download button to access the file you've just purchased. It will download to your computer, typically to a downloads folder. 

Locate the .zip file and double-click on it. Macs use the program "Archive Utility" to automatically extract and open the zip files.  If it's not working for you, you can try to right click on the zipped file icon and choose the path to "Open With" Archive Utility.  This will extract the files to a new, unzipped folder on your computer.  You will find the individual files within this folder. 

On Windows: 

On a PC running Microsoft Windows, you'll want to download the file.  If you are given the option to open or save it, choose to save it.  

Then, open the containing folder on your computer. Select the file you downloaded. Right click on the file and select the option that says "Extract All." Sometimes, you may see that says "Extract All" - this will work as well. 

All of the individual files will be extracted from your compressed .zip file, and placed in an unzipped, regular-looking folder with the same name.  Open this folder to locate each of your newly purchased items! 

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