Once I've created a store, how do I add product listings?

To add a product listing, you'll first be asked to set up your Stripe account.  Similar to PayPal, Stripe enables transactions to happen easily on marketplaces.  This is the platform we've integrated and will use during Beta.  

After you've signed up on Stripe, you can create listings in your HMH Marketplace Account. 

Before creating a listing, we suggest gathering the following details about your product:

  • Product Name
  • Product Teaser (limit 250 characters)
  • Product Description
  • Price
  • A primary product image (landscape 300x200 is best, but we can accept any reasonable size)

  • Additional images if you would like to show buyers more about your product

  • Tags or Categories
  • For a downloadable file - a single file: .pdf, .doc/.docx, .ppt/pptx, .xls/.xlsx, .png, .jpg/.jpeg, and .gif, .zip

Download a checklist below:

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